Hotel Sorapiss, the best place to stay in Dolomites in summer

Summer is the season of warm colours, scented flowers and beautiful long days, a chance to enjoy the wonderful uncontaminated nature. Angling, mountain biking, rock climbing and many other outdoor activities to blow away the cobwebs and restore your physical and mental harmony.

If you are looking only for rest and relaxation, you can walk around the beautiful Lake Misurina. All of these amazing things to do make Hotel Sorapiss the best place to stay in Dolomites in summer.

What to do in the summer months in the best place in Dolomites in summer


The fishing season opens on the first of May at Misurina.
You need a regional permit to fish, plus a government license.

Walks and trips

Ranging from simple trails around the lake to a climb of the north face of Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

At Misurina there is no end of walking opportunities and destinations.
Many trails are easy to travel on, and lead to some wonderful places, immersed in nature and offering extraordinary panoramas.

The woods nearby are full of Arolla pines, firs, larches, pines, heather, gentian, edelweiss and rhododendron.

As far as fauna is concerned, there are chamois, deer, roe deer, foxes, hares, squirrels and, in recent years, a race of bear originating from Slovenia.

A veritable paradise for amateur and expert trekkers alike, Misurina is a great starting point for trips around the lake, and to Col de Varda Refuge, Città di Carpi Refuge and Fonda Savio Refuge.

Then there are trips to Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Mount Sorapiss and Vandell Refuge.


There are numerous climbing trails in the zone: the most famous revolve around Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The best known of all is the ascent to the Cima Grande (Big Peak), the historical route opened up to all climbers, rising up the sheer north face of the Cima Grande, the extremely direct route.

Good training is vital. This is a rock climbers dream, making Hotel Sorapiss the best place to stay in Dolomites in summer The ascent has a length of 17/18 rope lengths. All rest points are equipped, including spits; there are many rivets along the pitches, but they are not always reliable. It is a good idea to bring along many ropes and quickdraws (to extend protection).

Get in touch with Hotel Sorapiss staff for more information.

Somadida Forest

A fantastic, fairytale place: this is the impression one gets entering Somadida Forest, the largest in the Cadore region and one of the most beautiful forests of the Dolomites. Situated in the locality of Palus San Marco – between Auronzo di Cadore and Misurina – and surrounded by Mount Cristallo, Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Sorapiss; Somadida Forest is the largest in the Dolomites, and is one of 130 protected zones owned by the State. Somadida Forest is an ideal place to experience nature and enjoy the silence of the forest and beauty of the wild animals living there, such as foxes, brown bears and deer. The area is protected, with signposted trails for hiking, horse-riding or mountain biking.

In the Forest, close to the Visitors’ Centre, there is also a children’s library, with books and guides on the subject of the forest and nature, teaching children how to identify plants, flowers and birds, and narrating local legends and myths relating to one of the most beautiful forests of the Dolomites. Entry is free, there are guided tours (from June to September) which must be booked (Tel. (+39) 0435 400666 or 9359).

The forest is truly a wonderful place and having it nearby to us makes Hotel Sorapiss the best place to stay in Dolomites in summer.

Mountain Biking

Misurina offers mountain bikers a number of itineraries, all immersed in nature. Contact the Lake Misurina Hotel for more information.

First World War Outdoor Museum

Mount Piana, or “Mount Piano”, is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Dolomites: here there is a spectacular 360° view of the mountains of Auronzo, Cortina, Cadini, Sorapiss and all other peaks. Mount Piana is also a historic place of remembrance. Theatre of some of the bloodiest fighting during world war one, here more than 14,000 soldiers lost their lives.

Nowadays it is a fascinating attraction for those wishing to visit the Outdoor First World War Museum, one of the most important sites to remember the battles fought in these mountains, with numerous trenches, tunnels, outposts and other historical reminders uncovered and restored thanks to the efforts of many volunteers.

The tour lasts from 2.5 to 4 hours.

Trekking tails in the Tre Cime Valley

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

  • Giro delle Tre Cime
  • Anello Tre Cime - Monte Paterno
  • Gallerie Monte Paterno

Cadini di Misurina

  • Col de Varda - Rifugio Città di Carpi
  • Durissini
  • Bonacossa


  • Monte Agudo - Pian Dei Buoi
  • Val di Rin - Forcella Baion
  • Bivacco Musatti - Biv. Tiziano


  • Vandelli per Federavecchia - Valbona
  • Vandelli per Marcuoira
  • Giro del Sorapiss

Croda dei Toni - Popera

  • Val Stallata - Cengia Gabriella

Percorsi della Grande Guerra

  • Monte Piana

Mountain Bike trails in the Tre Cime Valley

  • Anello Borgate di Auronzo
  • Monte Agudo 
  • Rifugio Città di Carpi
  • Rifugio Col de Varda
  • Parco dei Sogni
  • Pian de Sera
  • Pian dei Buoi (Lozzo di Cadore)
  • Casera Maraia
  • Lago di Misurina
  • Lago di Antorno
  • Sentiero del Papa